How to Celebrate a Milestone Anniversary

Do you have a milestone anniversary coming up? While it seems like yesterday you were saying your “I do’s” and going off on your honeymoon, don’t forget to mark your anniversary on your calendar! After time goes by, some couples get so busy with their lifestyle, that their anniversary tends to get missed. Don’t be the partner that forgets your special day! If you are feeling stumped on what to get your partner to celebrate this important day, consider these gift ideas based on the traditional and modern gift list below. Or course, you don’t necessarily need to follow the chart below, these are just suggestions. Just go with your heart and give them something to let them know how much you mean to them!

Get Clever with Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Start with the anniversary gift list (above) based on the number of years you have been married, and then give it your own personal touch. For example, the traditional and modern gifts for the 10th wedding anniversary are tin/aluminum or diamond jewelry. Of course, if you wanted to give your wife that lovely set of diamond earrings she’s had her eye on, she likely won’t complain!

Recreate an Old Memory

For your anniversary, give the gift of a favorite memory. Engrave a frame with the date you met, or the day you proposed, with a pic of the place that it happened. Recreate your first date together. For example, make reservations at the same restaurant where you had dinner. If you went to the movies, buy the DVD of the same film and curl up on the couch together to watch it. If a restaurant is no longer in business or is outside of your travel ability, you could try cooking the same meal at home and stage the scene right down to the flowers on the table and a similar piece of jewelry to add to her collection, or a piece that matches her wedding ring.

Try Something New

This day could make the perfect opportunity to not only celebrate your marriage, but to try something new.  New experiences reinforce the bond you already have and create new memories! If they love outdoor adventures, surprise them with a gift of something related to that adventure and then mention you will be going to do that activity together! For example, if they love being around water, give them an anchor necklace or a waterproof watch. Take a day trip across Lake Murray, or a kayak trip down the river, or a boat tour in Charleston. Or if your wife has told you that she has always dreamed of learning to figure skate, arrange for ice skating lessons for the both of you. Give her a gift of a Chamilia Ice Skating Charm in a box with a tag that mentions that she will be taking lessons. She will have the charm to always remember the event by.

Maybe you don’t have any specific activities in mind, take a day trip to somewhere spontaneous! Take your pick, make it special and explore together!

Happy Anniversary!

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